Tomb Raider Will Have Multiplayer – Modes Detailed

TombRaider cosplay
It was confirmed – a while back – that the latest part in the Tomb Raider series would support online battles. Since Square Enix had not revealed anything official – back then – we decided to remain silent until we got our hands on more details about it. And we are happy to inform you today, thanks to magazine OXM, about the MP modes that will be supported in Tomb Raider.
First things first: there will be threee MP modes (Team Deathmatch, Rescue and Cry for Help) that will be developed by Eidos Montreal, the studio that was responsible for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and is currently working on Thief 4.
Team Deathmatch is a really classic MP mode. Players chooce one of two sides and go all out. Winning team is the one that manages to win two out of three rounds.
In Rescue, survivors will have to collect med packs and deliver them to destinations on the map. Scavengers, on the other hand, will have to kill as many opponents as possible. According to OXM, there will be finishing moves in this mode, so it will be interesting to see how good the game’s netcode will be and whether high amounts of lag can destroy this mode.
Unfortunately, we don’t have enough information about the third mode, Cry for Help, though it is said that the emphasis is on discovery and collection as opposed to combat.
Naturally, the MP mode will come with various characters with different stats and loadouts, and experienced points can be spent on improving stats and buying new characters.
Tomb Raider is currently planned for a March 5th release on PC, X360 and PS3!