Donkey Kong Country Pseudo Engine Coming To GZDoom – Create Your Own 2D Platform Levels

Donkey Kong Country
Our reader ‘Cristian Fabian Muñoz Isla’ about a brilliant idea. Modder ‘Doomero’ is creating a pseudo engine for GZDoom that will help you create 2D platform games. In its current form, this engine will be ideal for Donkey Kong Country levels, as Cristian will add all of Donkey Kong Country’s characters, enemies, items, textures, acs, and decoration details. Thus, a mapper will simply have to create the map he wants to and everything will work fine.
Those interested in creating other 2D Platform games will have to replace the aforementioned features (scripts, characters, textures, etc). This may sound too difficult for some, but it will open the doors to recreating a lot of other 2D platform games. Mortal Kombat Mythologies for PC anyone?
This mod is not available for download as of yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted. When this mod hit the Internet, it will contain a number of DKC levels (such as glanplank galley style levels, acuatic levels, lava level, forest level, ice level, bramble blast level, industry level, castle levels and caverns levels).
Enjoy the following video. For comparison purposes, we’ve also included the original level from DKC2!

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