Tom Clancy’s The Division & Rocket League are now free to play on Steam until May 7th

Ubisoft and Psyonix have launched the free weekend events for Tom Clancy’s The Division and Rocket League, respectively. This basically means that both of these games can be played for free until May 7th.

The free trial for Tom Clancy’s The Division gives players full access to the main game until they reach level 8 or complete six hours of playtime.

On the other hand, the free trial for Rocket League gives players access to the full base game, free of charge, letting them play in any Playlist, be it Competitive, Dropshot, Rumble, or otherwise.

In order to celebrate this free weekend, Ubisoft is offering The Division with a 50% discount, while Psyonix is offering Rocket League with a 30% discount.

Have fun!