Todd Howard: mods make games better; are a huge community avenue for single player games

In an interview¬†with G4TV, Todd Howard revealed what most of us already knew. According to Todd, mods are essential for single player games and are basically the biggest community avenue for them. This is true indeed, as there are a lot of gamers that wanted to try Skyrim due to some specific mods. In other words, mods really helped Skyrim’s sales and that’s one of the reasons that Bethesda decided to release the Creation Kit.
Todd was troubled with the fact that a lot of companies do not offer mod tools to their single player games. The answer to that question is quite simple though. A lot of companies rely on the DLC route, something that is not as innovative or as good as most mods. In fact, DLCs can hurt the sales of some games, and that’s a fact.
Todd has also admitted that they are amazed by lots of mods that got released for Skyrim, like the Macho Dragon Mod and the Portal 2’s Space Core Mod. And Todd has a point, really. There are a lot of PC modders out there that want to mess around with Skyrim and see what can be achieved, whether this is better graphics, epic battles, or hilarious moments. And that’s exactly why we congratulate Bethesda for their positive stance towards the mod community.
So, our dear developers, start taking; mods can really boost your games’ sales. Instead of complaining about the PC piracy and the DRM difficulties, why don’t you open your games to the modders and let them have fun? Because that’s why we’re playing games. To get some fun!