TitanFall Will Only Support 6v6 Battles, Said To Be “Best Balance With AI”

Respawn Entertainment confirmed today that TitanFall will support up to 12 players. Yes, the max player count in TitanFall will be 6v6, something that may disappoint a lot of players who were expecting chaos across the game’s arenas.

As Vince Zampella claimed, this decision turned out to be the best balance with AI for Respawn Entertainment. In other words, there will be more than twelve soldiers on the field (and those additional soldiers will be controlled by the AI).

Now I know. Some of you will be wondering why the game is not supporting more than twelve players. After all, this is a next-gen title, right? And if games like Hawken support more than twelve players, why is TitanFall limiting the player count?

Respawn talked – a bit – about Hawken and stated TitanFall that does different stuff than Hawken. In addition, Respawn claimed that “players/titans/AI is a lot going on.”

TitanFall is planned for a March release on PC, Xbox One and X360, and the game will support dedicated servers.