Titanfall Is Playable For Free This Weekend

Electronic Arts has announced that Respawn’s Titanfall will be playable for free this weekend. The limited freeware version of Titanfall is part of EA’s newly announced Origin Game Time program.

According to the big publisher, this new program will give PC gamers free time for a number of selected games. Origin Game Time will give you access to the full game playable for free for as long as there’s time on your Game Time clock.

In order to keep up with what games are free, EA suggest to keep an eye on Origin’s Free Games page (as all Origin Game Time games will be available for download from there).

For Titanfall you’re getting 48 full hours of Pilot/Titan action. It’s the entire game. The Origin Game Time clock begins the moment you start the game for the first time, and ticks down in realtime. Whether you’re fighting your friends or taking a break, the Game Time clock will continue to run.

Respawn and EA had promised a PC patch for Titanfall that would bring some specific graphical features. Unfortunately that patch has not been released yet, which explains why our Performance Analysis has not been published as of yet.