Titanfall 2 PC screenshots new

Titanfall 2 will receive a PC patch that will improve GPU performance

Titanfall 2 releases today and Respawn revealed that it is currently working on a quick PC patch. Although there isn’t any ETA as of yet, this patch will improve GPU performance and will include a feature that will help lower end GPUs.

As Respawn’s DKo5 wrote on NeoGAF:

“Working on a quick PC patch that’ll help with GPU performance and includes something I’ve been really excited for – especially if you’re running a lower end GPU and need those sweet sweet frames above all else.”

Our guess is that Respawn will add a multi-res shading option, similar to the one found in Shadow Warrior 2.

DKo5 also claimed that Respawn is working with AMD on some stuff for older AMD GPUs, and that a new hotfix driver will be released in the coming days.