TimeSplitters: Rewind – Training Ground Dev Diary #1

Back in March, we informed you about TimeSplitters: Rewind; a new TimeSplitters title that has been approved by Crytek, will be developed via CryEngine 3 and will be distributed for free. And today, we are happy to inform you that the development team has released the first development video to showcase a little of Training Ground’s new look. As we can clearly see, TimeSplitters: Rewind is still in pretty early stage, however it is good to see that the team is pasionately working on it. 
The team behind it will recreate every asset of TimeSplitters, even though it was given access to the original assets of the game. The game won’t support split-screen due to CryEngine 3’s inability, however this mode may be added later on (if Crytek decides to implement such a feature in a new build of CryEngine 3’s SDK).
TimeSplitters Rewind will also support X360 and PS3 gamepads, as well as mods and custom content – allowing players to fully customise their TimeSplitters experience like never before.
In addition, a demo version may hit the Internet in late 2013, so stay tuned for more.
TimeSplitters: Rewind - Training Ground Dev #1