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This Quake Map Pack brings Unreal-inspired levels to id Software’s classic FPS

Modder ‘klockenschooster’ has released a new mod for id Software’s classic first-person shoooter, Quake. Godscythe is a map pack that is heavily inspired by the first Unreal game, and is available right now for download.

Alongside the new maps, this mod makes some additional gameplay. For example, it removes all hit scanning from weapons. Furthermore, both yours and the enemies’ shotguns fire actual bullets. Not only that, but the lightning gun now serves as a laser rifle.

According to the modder, the maps honor the limits of the original Quake engine. As such, the mod should run on any source port. However, dynamic lighting (such as the one available in Darkplaces) will not work correctly.

“The maps’ lighting is pre-baked with EricW’s light tool and makes use of sunlight and surface lights. This goes beyond what most dynamic lighting renderers support and will thus cause issues (likely results in dark maps).”

You can download ‘Godscythe’ from here. You can also find below a video showcasing the mod in action.

Have fun!

Godscythe Release Trailer