Beautiful Desolation feature

Beautiful Desolation developers issue statement, aiming to appeal to the game’s pirates

Beautiful Desolation is a new 2D isometric post-apocalyptic adventure game that came out a few days ago. As with most PC releases, the game has been pirated by a lot of people. Therefore, the developers have issued a statement in order to appeal to all those that pirated their title.

According to the team, the game has been pirated 50,000 times since release on Wednesday. However, and at any point, there are only over 1,000 players in game. This basically means that there is a 50×1 ratio (not that accurate, but it can still give you an idea).

If we had sales to match this, then we would be the top selling game on Steam this week.” the developers claimed and continued.

“PLEASE, if you could support this project – by even grabbing the soundtrack – that would go a long way to ensuring that we can make more games. The Brotherhood is literally two guys sitting in a room, trying to compete with mega projects and mega budgets in this vast industry. From the bottom of our hearts, we ask that if you play Beautiful Desolation and enjoy it, please throw a few bucks our way.

We have a “pirates’ amnesty” page here at the link below. You can donate a dollar or more. No questions asked – we won’t contact you nor do we have an interest in finding out who you are. We only hope to bring future projects to the fans of our games, and need all the resources to make this a possibility.”

Needless to say that we highly recommend buying this game.

Beautiful Desolation featres a unique tribal punk aesthetic and 2D isometric rendered environments. The game also packs puzzles and classic adventure gameplay. Not only that, but players will encounter bizarre creatures, animals and vibrant characters.