This No Man’s Sky NEXT mod improves performance by 30% at the expense of objects pop-in

Modder ‘Lo2k’ has released a pretty interesting mod for No Man’s Sky NEXT. The NoFade FPS Booster mod removes the fade effect and improves performance by up to 30% at the expense of objects pop-in. What this basically means is that you’ll get severely pop-ins of objects (like plants, rocks, mountains, etc), but then again this mod may be the only solution for those facing performance issues.

As the modder noted, the fade effect is the pixellated effect that somehow blends distant terrain into close terrain when you go toward it. Since this mod basically removes this effect, terrain, vegetation and objects now pop-up instead of being more or less progressively displayed.

Again, this mod is not for those that can run fine No Man’s Sky NEXT. If you don’t have any performance issues, we strongly suggest avoiding this mod. On the other hand, those that want a significant performance boost and are willing to sacrifice the smooth pop-in transition of objects can download and install it.

Those interested can download the NoFade FPS Booster mod from here, is compatible with the latest 1.55 version of the game, and below you can find a video showcasing this mod in action!