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This mod restores the majority of cut content from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Modder ‘Ferretmyster’ has released the first version of his restoration content mod for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Morrowind Uncut. As its title suggests, this modification restores majority of the content that was cut by Bethesda from the GOTY Edition of Morrowind.

While there are other restoration mods for Morrowind, the modder described Morrowind Uncut as the ultimate restoration mod for Morrowind, and that’s because it has already covered 3X more than other mods with the same idea.

Morrowind Uncut introduces 1 new village, 6 new interiors, 4 new dungeons, 3 new creatures, 3 new artifacts, 9 new weapons, 7 new quests, 6 new Loading screens, 14 new diseases, 18 patches, 55 new NPCs, 137 new items, new text dialogue, new voiced dialogue, new animations, new sound effects, new travel routes, free all bonded NPCs, updated leveled lists and new diseased creature names.

Those interested can download Morrowind Uncut from here. In order to install it, players will have to simply copy and paste its contents to the Morrowind Data files folder.