Skyrim Special Edition new

This mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim overhauls its combat mechanics, making it more action oriented

Modder ‘tktk’ has released a brand new version of his Utimate Combat mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This mod is combat overhaul mod focusing on enhanced game enjoyment and ease of play. Its ultimate goal is to bring Skyrim closer to a neat action game than to increase difficulty and reality.

According to the modder, enemies can now use various attacks. As such, you can expect them to use dash attacks, a wide range of rotation attacks, or continuous attacks. They can also dodge, use spells, co-operate, get angry, and more.

Ultimate Combat Mod adds 19 new attacks to all Human enemies, as well as 6 new attacks to Draugr and skeleton. It also adds 3 new attacks to Falmer, 5 new attacks to Dragon Priest and Dwarf Centurion, and 4 new attacks to Giants.

Furthermore, the mod extends and improves the vanilla AI. NPCs will now have diverse behaviors (thanks to improved havok and scripted AI techniques). For instance, NPCs will now try to protect an wounded ally.

The mod also significantly reduces speed and frequency of NPC’s super reaction to long range attack, and reduces turning speed and tracking performance of all NPCs. It also adopts a new stagger system.

You can download Ultimate Combat Mod for the original Skyrim from here, and for Skyrim Special Edition from here.

Have fun!