This mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim introduces Volumetric Fog/Mist

Modder ‘Robanco’ has released a pretty cool mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. According to the modder, this mod brings large scale distant volumetric mist/fog effects to Skyrim Special Edition. Therefore, the mod adds misty valleys without obscuring peaks or wiping out the sky like standard fog does.

This Volumetric Fog/Mist effect is hand-placed in the world of Skyrim. As such, this opens up some doors that a generic fog implementation does not.

As the modder stated:

“I have spent more time getting the shaders right than designing the mist into the game but the SSE engine really takes this effect like a champion so there’s potential for more depth and detail and localized effects.”

However, it appears that there are some limitations with this mod. For example, the primary limitation of this method is that it’s not controllable by weather or time of day. Moreover, gamers may notice some banding issues on water. And while this could potentially replace Skyrim’s standard fog, the modder claims that it works best in combination with it to keep the dynamics.

In order to showcase these effects, the modder has also released some screenshots that you can find below. You can also download the mod from here. As said, this mod is only available for Skyrim Special Edition, and not for the original version.

Have fun!