Red Dead Redemption 2 feature 4

This mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 allows higher quality textures for 2GB cards

Red Dead Redemption 2 does not allow players with a 2GB GPUs to choose higher quality textures. However, it seems like Denis Winter didn’t like this limitation, and decided to create this mod.

The mod will optimize settings with a mix of low, medium, and high settings. Providing a balance of maximum quality and frames for 2GB DDR5 GPUs.

There are seven different profiles available at the moment. Make sure to read them all, and choose the one that suits your needs.

Be aware that in order to use the mod you should have at least 2GB VRAM, and your card also supports Vulkan API. Lastly, If you have more than 2GB of VRAM you can still benefit from this mod.

You can download the mod from here, and don’t forget to read the installation guide for the mod. Also, in case you like it, make sure to endorse the mod as it will really help its creator!

Chris Kountouras

Chris was born in the early 80’s along with the very birth of home gaming. After spending many maaany drachmas on arcades, his father decided to buy him a PC instead of going bankrupt. He lived through the advancing and development of the gaming industry, having played TONS of games on all platforms. He is always honest and will never hesitate to give his true opinion on a game no matter what. Loves stealth games and dislikes microtsansactions, DLC and pre-ordering…who doesn’t after all?! Contact: Email