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This mod for Fallout 4 adds several drivable cars

Modder ‘ViciousCeph’ has released a new mod for Fallout 4 that adds several drivable cars. According to the modder, the Vanilla Pickup Truck is the most stable car in this mod and this is the reason why it’s the only car included in the main file. Those who want to experiment though can also try some other cars.

Players can also drive the Station Wagon and the Vault-Tec Van. Both of these cars have a seat for a companion and the Station Wagon comes in various colors and 3 prewar skins whereas the Vault-Tec Van only comes with the Original Prewar and Rusty Postwar skins. However, players may sometimes fall through the ground briefly before entering these vehicles.

I believe that a lot of Fallout 4 fans will appreciate this mod as the game does not feature any drivable cars at all. It’s worth noting though that ViciousCeph has used various resourses from M150’s vehicle mods.

Those interested can download the mod from here and you can build Relay Grenades to summon these vehicles at the Chem Station.

Have fun!