This mod for Dragon Ball FighterZ is a must-have, brings the official anime music tracks to it

Now here is a must-have mod for all Dragon Ball FighterZ PC players. Modder ‘Nayte’ has released a mod that brings the official music tracks from our beloved anime to Arc System Works’ fighting game. And it is f’ing glorious.

Nayte has put 130 hours into this mod in order to perfect it. This modder basically ripped the music tracks from their official CDs and encoded them with the highest quality available. He then created multiple cues so that each soundtrack will last 300 secondsĀ per stage.

What’s also really cool here is that, according to the modder, this mod is compatible with the game’s online mode. In other words, you won’t be banned for using these new music tracks.

Those interested can download the mod from here. All you have to do in order to install it is extract the archive into your DRAGON BALL FighterZ steam folder.

Here are the anime music tracks that Nayte used in all stages and menus.

Wasteland (plaine) – > Early Buu saga score
Town (west city) – > Androids saga score
Destroyed town – > Dismal futur (OAV Trunks) score
Tenkaichi Budokai – > every tournaments from DB to DBZ score
Cell game – > Cell/Gohan SSJ2 saga score
Space – > DBS Beerus saga score
Rocky field (champ rocailleux) – > Saiyans saga score
Namek – > Frieza saga score
Volcano – > Dramatic Frieza score
Kaioshinkai – > Late Buu saga score
Islands – > Dragon ball Tao pai pai & Daimao saga score
Cave – > Blue & DBZ movie 2 scores
Splash screen at launch – > something punchy ! You wanna launch the game
Lobby music – > nice & calm to chill for long time
Character select screen – > Entering tournament score
Battle loading – > Dramatic soundĀ  !
Result music – > Epic but calm sound, allowing you to stay on this screen without losing your mind

Have fun!

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Anime Original Music PC MOD