This Kingdom Come Deliverance mod enables third-person camera viewpoint

Modder ‘Fuse00’ has released a cool mod for Kingdom Come Deliverance that allows PC gamers to switch the camera to third person view anytime they want. And while this mod has some issues, it’s an interesting way to re-experience the world of this medieval open-world RPG.

As the modder noted, this mod is only for keyboard+mouse users and does not support gamepads. Furthermore, Fuse00 recommendeds using 5+ buttons gaming mouse instead of the ordinary 3 buttons mouse.

As we’ve already said, this mod is far from perfect and is plagued by some issues. For example, the camera does not have any collisions and will clip through ground, walls etc. Moreover, players cannot interact with an object that is high above them or under their feet (like herb picking) in third person mode.

Archery is not supported (since you can not aim with in third person view) and while you can fight, you cannot do combos – i.e. moving the sword position to up, down, left and right. You also cannot do smithing, alchemy and dice, and you should press F7 or F8 every time you enter a cutscene or open Nvidia Ansel tool (otherwise the camera will fly high above the scene).

So, this third-person mode is not yet fully functional. Still, we are pretty sure that some gamers may be interested in it.

In order to install the mod, you’ll have to follow this guide.

1) Download the archive with keybinds and config file from Nexus files section;
2) Download the tool HERE

  • Place ‘ThirdPersonCameraKeys” folder into you “Mods” directory (\KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods);
  • Place “user.cfg” file into your main \KingdomComeDeliverance\ folder. In case you already have user.cfg file, just paste the content of my .cfg file to yours (the order of strings doesn’t matter);
  • Place the “KCD Camera Tool” file everywhere you want;
  • Run “KCD Camera Tool” file (you should run it everytime you entering a game);
  • Run the game, load the save;
  • Once you are in game, press F1 in order to activate debug mode. You should be able to hear “beep” sound – that means debug mode is activated;
  • Press F5 to activate third person camera and F7 or F8 to adjust the camera elevation;
  • Use other hotkeys if you wish (all of them ar mentioned in the tool).