This Is Why Our Call Of Duty: Ghosts Performance Analysis Is Postponed

Call of Duty Ghosts

We bet that a lot of our readers have been waiting for our Call of Duty: Ghosts Performance Analysis. Unfortunately, that article is now postponed (indefinitely) until Infinity Ward fixes some of the game’s issues. And no, we’re not talking about the 6GB RAM requirement as that’s the least of the problems we’ve encounter with this title.

The biggest issue with Call of Duty: Ghosts is that its graphical settings – particularly the Texture quality settings – are not being applied. For unknown reasons, these options revert back to their normal/high settings, resulting in some really abysmal visuals. We’re not certain why this is happening, however we can confirm that the “config.cfg” trick (with which you can choose the highest settings) is not working.

In case you didn’t know, PC gamers can edit the config.cfg file, alter its settings, mark it as a read-only file (in order to prevent the game resetting the settings), and use it to force higher levels of graphics settings. This trick was particularly useful in older Call of Duty titles, in which the in-game graphics settings were not working.

Unfortunately, this “old” fix is not working with Call of Duty: Ghosts. We’ve tested everything we could and the higher quality textures were simply not loading, no matter what. Moreover, we are pretty sure that this is the main reason of the blurry textures that have been reporting these past days by a lot of PC gamers.

Do note that although this is a well known side effect for those using the RAMFix tool for COD: Ghosts, we’re experiencing it too in our review code (textures reset to high).

As a result of that, we’ll delay our Performance Analysis until Infinity Ward manages to fix this mess. And until then, we strongly suggest avoiding it.

Here are and some images that showcase the game’s low quality textures (notice the textures on that particular tree. Also notice that the space level still looks great)!

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