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This Half-Life 2: Episode Two Mod aims to bring back HL2’s beta maps

BogdanNikola and a team of modders is currently working on Half-Life Remnants, a mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two that aims to bring back HL2’s beta maps.

Although there isn’t any ETA on when this mod will come out, the team has released a new dev diary for it. As it claimed, the older maps of Half-Life Remnants have either gotten a small or total revamp in the visual or gameplay department.

Additionally, the team will be adding a mini-campaign to the mod.

“The Mini-campaign will be somewhat short but filled to the brim with visual storytelling, interesting and fun gameplay, and custom ost. To give you a rough idea of where this mini-campaign will take place in, let’s say it will take place in a “cool” area that appeared in the hl2 beta story. The campaign is currently in its early stages of development.”

Naturally, we’ll be sure to keep you posted about its progress.

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Half-Life: Remnants | Devlog#3