This Divinity: Original Sin 2 mod will add a new world, new mechanics & a real-time strategy system

The Abyss Team has just detailed a new ambitious mod for Divinity: Original Sin 2, called Divinity: Into The Abyss. Divinity: Into The Abyss is a new campaign that will take the player to a whole new land, add some new systems to the game, improved and customized AI and above all a new R.T.S.(Real Time Strategy) mode where the player gets to create a faction and lead it across the new and some old maps.

According to the team, the new world and the events bound to happen there interact and are based upon the events of Divinity: Original Sin 2 and the player choices. This basically means that as the campaign unfolds, players will get to decide the fate of Rivellon as Damian, the dark one returns and lays war upon the realm.

An alpha version of this mod will come out very soon where the players will be able to test: Family system, Building system, Pet system, Prologue quests and regions. The team will keep adding new features to it, however, the whole mod will only come out together as one release.

Here are the key features that Divinity: Into The Abyss currently supports:

  • New world with 70km²
  • R.T.S. system
  • Building and Crafting systems
  • Manage your own faction
  • Unique companions
  • Large scale battles
  • Vehicles
  • An epic main Storyline with hundreds of side quests
  • A family system
  • Raise a pet 
  • Deep choices that affect the world as it develops