Dark Souls III feature

This Dark Souls 3 mod completely removes the color tint from the game

Modder ‘TKGP’ has released a new mod for Dark Souls 3 that completely removes the color tint that the developers have used. In case you weren’t aware of, many areas in Dark Souls 3 have a specific color tint. In other areas it’s a blue tint and in other areas it’s a green tint.

Now normally PC gamers would be able to use Reshade in order to remove it. However, that is not possible here as the color tint constantly changes and Reshade allows you to remove one specific color tint only (as such you’ll have to re-configure Reshade each and every time a new color tint is used).

TKGP has edited the graphics parameter files themselves. More specifically, and as the modder states, the RGB values of all global lighting were averaged to remove the coloring without affecting overall brightness.

“Distance fog color was averaged in the same manner. Also included is an option to completely remove distance fog, making scenery much less washed out in some cases, and an option to remove bloom, most noticeable in Cemetery of Ash.”

Those interested can download the mod from here and below you can find some comparison screenshots (vanilla is on the left whereas the modded version is on the right).

Now I know that some will say that the colored tint version is the way the developers wanted to players to experience Dark Souls III, however there is no harm at having an option to remove it. This somehow reminds of that cool mod for Resident Evil 4 that removed its color grading effect. Yes, it was artistically different than the its original vision but it was also cool.