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This 2GB HD Texture Pack for the first Unreal game improves over 2000 textures

Modder ‘AHaigh01’ released a must-have HD Texture Pack for the first Unreal game. Unreal HD Textures 2.0 is 2GB in size and improves over 2000 textures. According to the modder, the texture pack is mainly for the single-player campaign of Unreal.though it also works with Unreal Tournament.

Furthermore, this release does not intend to cover all of UT99s textures; it only covers the same textures that are used for both Unreal and Unreal Tournament.

In order to showcase these new textures, AHaigh01 released the following screenshots and video. As such, you can go ahead and see the visual improvements/differences prior to installing the HD Texture Pack.

As a bonus, I’ve also included a link to the Unreal HD High-Res Skins texture pack. This pack replaces all those old, pixelated Unreal/RTNP skins with extremely detailed high-res counterparts. To give you an idea, the vanilla skins were 256×256 and the new ones are as large as 4096×4096.

You can download the Unreal HD Textures 2.0 Texture Pack from here, and the Unreal HD High-Res Skins Texture Pack from here.

Have fun!

Unreal HD Textures

UnrealHD - High-Res Skins