Minecraft HD 2K Free Textures-3

This 2.4GB mod for Minecraft adds high-quality 2K textures for free

Modder ‘Survivalcrafter_official’ has shared a free 2.4GB HD Texture Pack for Minecraft. This pack contains high-quality textures, and it is an excellent alternative to all the paid HD Texture Packs that are currently available for Minecraft.

According to the modder, this pack uses high-quality images for the best possible texture quality. Moreover, it uses POM that gives a new layer of depth to the in-game textures. Additionally, it comes with high quality normal and specular maps.

PhotoCraft comes in two versions; the full HD 2K version and the 1024x version (which targets mid-tier systems). For the 2K version, the modder suggests using an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 or RTX 2080.

My guess is that this HD Texture Pack will also work with Minecraft RTX, though the modder has not provided any compatibility details. So yeah, it’s not guaranteed at this point that PhotoCraft is 100% compatible with Minecraft RTX.

You can download the 2K version of PhotoCraft from here. You can also download the 1024x version from here. Below you can also find some screenshots showcasing some of the new textures.


Minecraft HD 2K Free Textures-1Minecraft HD 2K Free Textures-2Minecraft HD 2K Free Textures-3