The Witcher 1 feature

The Witcher AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for characters, monsters and animals available for download

Modder ‘hub997’ has released a brand new AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for the first The Witcher game. This pack upscales all of the textures for characters, monsters and animals in 2K. Furthermore, the modder has also provided a HD Texture Pack for skyboxes that improves the textures of sky, stars, sun and moon.

The modder claimed that he has used the textures and models that are available in the Rise of the White Wolf Enhanced Edition – Return of the White Wolf Extended Edition mod. As such, there might be some visual differences between the vanilla and this modded version.

Now as with most AI-enhanced textures, these new ones for The Witcher look a bit more sharper. And while the difference visual improvement here is not that big, I’m certain that some The Witcher fans may find this pack interesting.

To be honest, I’m pretty sure that by simply sharpening the game via Reshade players could produce similar results, however there might be some gamers that don’t want to use Reshade. Also note that this pack does not improve the environmental textures at all.

But anyway, those interested can download this AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for The Witcher from here. In order to showcase the visual differences, the modder has provided the following comparison screenshots (vanilla is on the left whereas modded is on the right).

We strongly suggest opening them in new tabs (right click on image and then select “Open in new tab”) in order to be able to see the visual changes, otherwise it will be really difficult.