Report: Intel’s 10th generation “Comet Lake” CPU details/lineup leak is fake

Last week, we shared a leaked slide that was supposedly revealing the specs of Intel’s 10th generation “Comet Lake” desktop CPUs. However, Gamers Nexus has reported that this leak is fake and that PC owners should temper their expectations when it comes to Intel’s upcoming CPUs.

Gamers Nexus’ Steve stated that – according to his motherboard sources – the slide is fake. Intel has not commented yet on these rumours (the official stance is that the blue team does not comment on rumours) so we suggest taking that slide with a grain of salt.

After closer examination of that slide, it appears that there are some typos that you would not expect to be present in an official slide. For instance, the dollar sign is listed after the prices and not before. Intel has always placed the dollar sign before the price in all of its official slides, so this appears to be kind of fishy.

Now there is a chance that some of the details from that slide could turn out to be true. However, it remains to be seen whether these “rumoured” CPUs will be available at those competitive prices, will all feature Hyper Threading, whether their core count will be as high as showcased here, and whether their single-core Turbo Boost will be close to what is rumoured.

Intel targets to release its Comet Lake CPUs in 2020 so it will be a while until we get any official word or specs for them!

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