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The Witcher 3 E3 HD Birds Reworked Project significantly overhauls the quality of flying birds

Modder ‘Feregorn’ has released a pretty interesting mod for The Witcher 3. As its title suggests, The Witcher 3 E3 HD Birds Reworked Project dramatically improves the visual quality of flying birds to approach what was originally expected from the E3 demo.

As the modder claimed, this mod doesn’t cover all in-game birds as that isn’t necessary. After all, the owl, shallow, etc all have good quality models. However, the sparrows, pigeons and seagulls and crows have some really low-quality models. These models were drastically downgraded and reduced in visual quality because they spawn in swarms during gameplay and they were too taxing.

Feregorn has reworked the 3D models of the birds enhancing them about 4X in general and adding the sorely missing legs so that birds could once again land back on earth. He also improved, sharpened, added more detail and enlarged to 2K the original textures that were extremely low in resolution, paying particular attention to the eyes and making the birds more life-like.

The end result is really cool and in order to showcase the visual differences, the modder has released some comparison screenshots between the vanilla (left) and the modded (right) 3D models.

Those interested can download the mod from here!