The Walking Dead – Fans complain about audio quality, Telltale releases a patch to fix that issue

We’ve seen countless of times developers taking their time until they fix some issues that have been reported by their community. And it’s really irritating as most of those gamers want to immediately play and enjoy the game they bought and not after a couple of months. So it’s good to see – for a change – a developer listening to its fanbase and releasing a hotfix in a matter of days. Sure, you might not like Telltale’s games, but at least they are active and are willing to offer to all of their fans a great gaming experience.
The Walking Dead was released a couple of days ago and had some audio issues, particularly with its compression methods. The audio quality was compressed so much, that voices bubble and pop.
Telltale was quick to response – as that issue plagued most of the company’s latest titles – and released an update for PC and Mac that makes changes to the compression used in the game and will offer players much-improved audio performance. Way to go Telltale.
This update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client (provided you own the Steam version). If you own the Telltale version from the company’s website, you will need to download and install the game again. You can do this by clicking the joystick icon in the upper right, and then downloading and installing either the PC or Mac version of the build again. When the game is re-installing, it will ask you if you want to keep your current settings and saves. Say yes to this and you will be good to go.