The Steam version of BLUE REFLECTION will render 2D images at 720p, “we hope you will accept this”

KOEI Tecmo has stated that the Steam version of BLUE REFLECTION will render images at 1280×720. Now while the external resolution will be unlocked, KOEI Tecmo confirmed that the images will be stretched once PC gamers choose a higher resolution (which will obviously result in blurry visuals).

As KOEI Tecmo claimed when a customer asked about the game’s quality:

“We prepare 2D images basically on the resolution of 1280*720 for BLUE REFLECTION Steam version, meanwhile 1920*1080 for PS4 version.

Therefore, if you play in the environment where the resolution is larger than 1280*720, the images are shown as stretched. We hope you will accept this.”

So while the PS4 version will feature 1920×1080 2D images, KOEI Tecmo will not be using those ones for the Steam version. Nice one KOEI Tecmo, that’s a really clever move.

KOEI Tecmo concluded that it will consider conforming 2D images to a larger resolution, though it cannot make any promises at this stage.