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The Sims 4 gets a huge November 12th update, full patch notes revealed

Electronic Arts and Maxis have released a huge new update for The Sims 4. The November 12th update brings a few new Holiday items available for you in Create A Sim. Moreover, it brings a new Multi Story Column feature to help you build tall columns for a grand entrance or interior.

It’s also worth noting that this update adds a UI Scaling setting in the options panel. In addition, a New Main Menu Message is now available on load to easily help you find the latest and greatest content from The Sims 4.

Maxis has also updated the Holiday Celebration Pack with some new children and toddler clothing. Moreover, the Hip Hop Radio Station is now available for everyone.

Naturally, this update also fixes numerous bugs and glitches that the game’s fanbase has reported.

As always, Origin will download this patch the next time you launch its client. You can also find below its complete changelog.

The Sims 4 November 12th Patch Release Notes


The Sims 4

  • Sims that dislike Fruitcake no longer react negatively to all other food. On the other hand, Sims that like Fruitcake no longer will react positively to Poor Quality foods.
    • You can say the Fruitcake was the culprit, jury is still out on that one.
      • Objection! Maybe not…
  • Grab Meal or Give Food for all ages will now fulfill the hunger needs completely. Hopefully it will help with the 100 baby challenge Standard smile
  • Spoiled visual effect now will go away on servings from coffee and tea pots.
  • Sims will now place grilled food on the table appropriately instead of their inventory.
  • Terrain Manipulation brush and eraser cursor is now visible for all terrain tools in 32 and 64 bit mode on PC.
  • Fresh drinks are now available on the drink tray (for those who own Spa Day and/or Backyard Stuff). “Grab drink” from drink tray functions and will no longer give you an incorrect message.
  • Households populated in the “Other Households” tab in Manage Worlds can no longer be composed of just a Child.
    • They are now properly supervised.
  • Idle Sims will no longer drink water excessively.
    • They will now hydrate appropriately.
  • Skin details no longer go away when randomizing Sim features other than the “Face” or “All” categories.
  • NPC Sims that are not Gardeners will no longer remove Wild Plants from lots autonomously.
  • Rare and uncommon harvestables will now be produced at higher rates when splicing.
  • Fixed an issue in which typing in the search field in Build Mode made the phrase “Text Field” appear erroneously.
    • It was haunting.
  • Sims will no longer leave the dining table after they’ve started having their meal when using the “Call to Meal” interaction.
  • Fixed an issue in which Sims were not able to wash dishes or use the dishwasher if there were shelving units above the sink or the dishwasher.
  • Child Sims will not longer have their eyebrow color changed to Brown when they are set to Blonde.
    • Now both eyebrow and hair color will match as set by Simmers.
  • Fixed an issue that made Adult Sims constantly change outfits while Taking a Shower, and then giving a Bath to Toddlers.
  • Fixed an issue where capturing screenshots with the Capture UI option enabled didn’t actually capture the UI.
  • Fixed an issue which made the option “Put <Sim/Pet Name> here” not available when holding Pets and Toddlers.
    • Though we would love to hold them forever.
  • Fixed an issue which made Paying Bills via Phone not be fulfilled if Simmers queued any other action before it would complete.
  • Simmers playing in Laptop Mode will now see improvements on the in game lighting.
  • Moving a wall will no longer delete objects on a separate shelf when bb.moveobjects cheat is used.
  • Fixed an issue in which Toddlers that had maxed out their skills were not receiving the Top Notch Trait when aging up.
  • Toddler Traits are no longer visible after aging.
  • Success Lineage Aspiration can now be completed once appropriate conditions are met.
  • Terrain Paints now persist when placing a lot from the gallery.
  • Assets yfBody_EP06DressFur_GoldGreen, yfBody_GP07DressWestern_FlowerOrange & yfBody_EP03TankStrappy_ElephantAquaCream were updated to look better with various shoe styles.
  • Vendors will no longer use your Sims’ fireplace as an imaginary portal to mysterious places.
  • Emotional sculpture thumbnail in sims inventory and world appearance are now visually the same.
  • “Get Married to..” whim now complete when you actually get married. Achievement Unlocked!
  • Sims now are more diligent in putting back their books in the bookshelf and/or bookcase.
  • Focused Sims can now go back to hacking work process when they reach level 6.
  • Sims that randomly decided to cosplay and have pointy ears have now revert back to their normal selves.
  • Nature’s Welcome Arch gate will no longer have metal gate audio.
  • Catching fish with excellent quality will now count toward the “Make 6 Great Catches” task of the Angling Ace Aspiration.
  • Creating stairs to the second floor of a raised block will no longer need a drop wall to support it for Sims to be able to route on it.
  • Sims are now able to route into their home after using terrain manipulation tools in their home lot.
  • Sims are no longer collecting items in their inventories without your permission.
  • Alien Disguises and Vampire Dark Forms uploaded to gallery are now properly flagged for packs and custom content used.
  • Sims will now autonomously interact with each other if one is sitting down and the other is standing.
  • Move lot will no longer inadvertently unhide stairs, specifically stairs above the first floor.
  • Updated Muslim inspired assets so clipping is not apparent below the Sims’ chin.
  • Updated Apron tops to look smoother.
  • Sims are now less considerate and do not congratulate their romantic partners when they find a new romantic partner.
  • Send Geo Council for collectables will no longer require you to send your computer with it.
  • Glass roof created on the ground should now be routable (as long as there is an entryway built into it).
  • Randomize Twin in Create-a-Sim will carry user-manipulated ears and nose over to the twin.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause interactions to get stuck in the queue.
  • Selling Normal quality Mystery novels will now give you money in return.
  • Copy interaction is now available on Cookbooks and Mixology books.
  • Sims that despise each other and have no romantic relationship will no longer greet each other with a passionate kiss. Seem normal to me?!
  • Child sit-to-stand transitions for toddler bed and lounge chair exhibit less clipping.
  • Perk and trait buffs will now persist through travel.
  • Drop walls from stairs will now fill in when terrain is manipulated below the stairs.
  • Sims’ Inventory will no longer reset and jump to the top while in use.
  • Hover Tip for Electrified Artist updated to proper text.
  • Fixed an issue in which railings were clipping into the walls.
  • Railings on extended landing do not have missing posts or different looking sections.
  • Drawn on eyebrow thumbnail will no longer show incorrect swatch.
  • Music artist names in the Music Game Options are no longer cut off.
  • Collared jean jacket will clip less with various hair styles.
  • Fence posts are now updated when terrain manipulation occurs.
  • Sims are now able to do Check Toddler interaction while swimming.
  • Steps in enclosed courtyard will no longer auto delete a part of your staircase.
  • Take a Vacation day and Call in Sick are no longer available options when Sims are already on vacation.
  • Teen Sims will no longer get adult Woohoo buff.
  • Park Cub table can now be put in the inventory.
  • Wall Height icon in the description text in Build Mode will now the appropriate wall height.
  • Fixed some issues which may cause Error Code 102 or Error Code 139 to appear during gameplay.

Get to Work

  • Patient Sims that are referred to the surgery table will no longer leave in the middle of surgery.
  • Sims can no longer simultaneously have two occult types. Specifically Vampire and Aliens.

Get Together

  • Steam will no longer accumulate in rooms above indoor swimming pools, or natural pools, built with vents.
  • Book Covers do not change when you place them on retail display.
  • Club panel text field size has been increased to accommodate longer text.

City Living

  • NPC Sims that attend Festivals are not longer seen in not festival appropriate outfits.
  • Fixed an issue that Simmers with Outdoor Retreat and City Living didn’t have the “Ask to Cloudgaze” interaction available in San Myshuno apartments.
  • Fixed an issue that didn’t allow the camera to zoom in properly when looking at lots at their basement level.
  • Updating the pricing of counter and cabinets to be more consistent with the rest of the Build Mode catalog.
  • Updated rental options to not exist in Sulani.
  • Promote Cause Daily Tasks will now be fulfilled with the Promote Policies Interaction.

Cats & Dogs

  • Fixed an issue in which all stray dogs were large dogs. Now they can be all sizes.
  • Lighthouse Woohoo spot is back in business.
  • Sims are able to complete crafting pet medicine with Marketable trait.
  • Quickly Update your Dr. Magi-Heal’s Surger-o-matic 3000 with an instant upgrade.
  • A jacket blazer now layers better with bottoms
  • Dogs will no longer try to put the cat wand away when they can’t and stretch into a mystical form.
  • Clipping issues were improved with a pair of shorts and various tops, specifically the asset yfBottom_EP04Shorts.
  • Turning on view distance in option panels will no longer make a brick fence in the world completely white.


  • Child and Teen Sims are now spawning to knock on doors during the holiday season with trick or treat.
    • Fixed an issue in which rewards from the Scout after school activity were not being awarded properly.
      • The reward will now appear in the Sims’ Inventory, instead of being unlocked in Build Mode.
  • It’s less likely to rain at GeekCon festivals now, which should help keep those computers safe!
  • Fixed an issue in which Sims were able “Rake Leaves” in their Home Lot while Sims were far from leaves to rake.
  • Mix breed cat function in Create a Sim now works again. Yay!
  • Social events put in calendar are now functional and will trigger.
  • Simmers playing with Low Graphics settings can now see improved textures when Sims are wearing Scout uniforms.

Get Famous

  • Sims employed in any career will no longer be prompted to miss work, or end their shift early, when work hours coincide with visits from Sims that were given a residence key.
  • Have Sim Dance at the Same Time goal at the Fan Meet and Greet Event can now be completed when you have your Sims and other Sims dance at the same time.
  • Talent Showcase events will no longer sometimes occur on an invalid location.
  • Text was updated to hover tip for Action Vol 3 purchase book picker.
  • Tooltip text for Quality description of videos created by the video station is now colored purple.
    • Consistency!
  • Sims Radio too loud? You can adjust the radio volume now after listening to the music you created on the Mix Master Music Production Station.

Island Living

  • Uninvited Sims will no longer appear when attending Kava Parties on lots with the “Private Dwelling” Lot Trait.
    • It’s my party, and I don’t invite you if I want to.
  • Beach Venues lots can now be selected for Sims to go on dates.
    • Romantic!
  • Fixed an issue in which samples taken from Sulani to fulfill Conservation career tasks were disappearing from the Sim Inventory after analyzing said samples.
  • Fixed an issue in which the “Dried Scales” buff would not disappear after Mermaids fulfilled their hydration needs.
  • Fixed an issue with Mermaid Children that did not allow them to Take Baths INSIDE bathtubs.
    • Being used to the vastness of the Ocean, Mermaid Children were not happy being limited by a bathtub.
  • Traditional Sarong asset will not clip with tops as much.
  • Fixed an issue that made aged up Mermaid Teen Sims have their Mermaid Tails disappear in Create a Sim and while Swimming.
  • Career Promotions for Conservationist can still occur after reaching level 10.
  • Bulldozing waterfront lots in Island Living will now not remove terrain paint.
  • Goggles no longer create an awkward shadow that does not make sense.
  • Sims can now store coconuts away in the fridge. Woot woot!
  • Human Sims no longer will think they are Mermaids by swimming like them when swimming laps.
  • Promotion task is marked completed when Sims have a diving knife.
  • Sims can now release the fish back into the ocean.
  • Sims with Master Chef Trait do not make spoil food anymore.
  • Sunkiss buff will now have the appropriate icon.
  • Rounded blocks will no longer have missing stilts
  • Blueprint placement for lots with floor lights will no longer place them underneath structure and float. Gravity is more realistic.
  • Stilt foundation shadows now appear properly.
  • Game will no longer crash when placing particular lots from The Gallery.
  • A TV stand missing in search bar will now appear. You didn’t know what you were missing out on when using search… or you did know and now it’s fixed!
  • Penthouses from The Gallery will now place all available items properly.
  • Some furniture items that did not appear on the cursor from Build Mode will now appear.
  • Claiming a bed is now exclusive to one Sim. Now Sims can sleep in their own bed without disturbance or worry about another Sim using their bed.
  • Selected tattoos in Create A Sim will no longer automatically reapply clothing.
  • Hot and Cold outfit categories will no longer filter tattoos upon re-entry.
  • Jet visual effect will now display properly when streaming from a drone.
  • Burnt visual effects no longer appear on lot terrain when there is fire on homes with stilt foundations.
  • Configuring a U shape staircase to another floor will cause the stair cause to lose some steps no more!
  • Mermaid Sims will do their special swim idle when performing Mermaid interactions.
  • Mermaid Sims that have been turned into skeletons can now take a bath. Keep those bones clean.
  • Set favorite watercraft will now set correct one to favorite.
  • Plants placed on Suspended Modern from gallery will no longer place plants in odd places.
  • Island Welcome Wagon will now continue to hold Kava bowls to give to your Household instead of placing it on the ground when it rains.

Dine Out

  • Fixed textures for a few Experimental Dishes.
    • We apologize, our Glazed Heirloom Bamboo Roll, Space Taco with Pearled Egg Core, and Free Range Sixam Pit Beast did not look quite like what you actually ordered.
  • Restaurant signs no longer have an odd bounding box shadow around it. It’ll be well rounded.


  • Vampire Sims will no longer get scolded if they drink plasma from Sims even though they had been granted permission to do so.
  • Options from the Face category in Create A Sim are no longer missing for Vampire Sims when using the Change Sim interaction.
  • Vampires have adjusted to daylight savings now and are awake when you invite them to hang out.
  • Vampire Dark form uploaded to gallery are now properly flagging CC content and packed used.


  • Adult Sims are less likely to autonomously watch Kids Network if Toddlers/Children/Teens aren’t nearby.

Realm Of Magic

  • Spellcasters with the Bloodline trait will no longer have their rank reset if they reach the Virtuoso rank.
  • Potions can now be sold for Simoleons.
    • Profit!
  • Fixed an issue which allowed the Emotional Stability Potion to remove certain buffs from Sims unintentionally.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spellbinding Tile wall pattern was displaying duplicate swatch colors in Build Mode.
  • Cooking and Brewing in cauldron will no longer change sell price in build mode.
  • Drinking animation is performed by Sims when Sims drink potion of curse cleaning to remove curse.
  • Animation for the teleport is no longer getting cut off.
  • Orb Familiars will not pop and jump from their locations while following their Sims out of water.
  • Two necklaces were updated to improve capability with other Create a Sims assets.
  • Trouser texture will no longer appear on the top of a pair of boots.
  • Bicep bracelet is now shown properly in Create A Sim thumbnail.

Cool Kitchen Stuff

  • Removed “Get Leftovers” option for ice cream since it was never intended, and who leaves ice cream for leftovers? Not me Standard smile

Spooky Stuff

  • Spooky Party will now count towards the Party Animal Aspiration.

Moschino Stuff

  • Fixed an issue in which in some cases the game would freeze while in Photo Mode.
  • Sims that you have not met will no longer appear in the Sims selector when triggering Take photo of.