PUBG Update 5.2 available for download, introduces Spike Trap & Way Point System, full patch notes

PUBG Corporation has released a brand new update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. According to the release notes, PUBG Update 5.2 introduces a new spike trap, a navigational Way Point system, some balancing updates on Vikendi, and new ways to test out content with PUBG Labs.

In this update, players will gain access to the new Spike Trap tool. Additionally, this patch brings a number of improvements and changes to Vikendi. These changes further develop the snowy island into a sniper’s playground.

Moreover, the update reduces the windows from many buildings for more defensible sniper positions, and removes some buildings and debris for more sightlines in small cities. It also cleans up walls, trees, and rocks in high traffic areas for better maneuverability in vehicles.

As always, Steam will download this update the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find a portion of its changelog (you can find the full release notes here).

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Patch 5.2 Release Notes


“Connect the dots.”

Added the Way Point feature

  • The Way Point feature has been added to allow you to make strategic plans for the routes you take.
  • You can use the feature only when the map is open (M key).
  • Press ALT+RMB to place the first point and while ALT is held, you may click other locations to add more points. You may release ALT to remove the starting point.
  • You can place up to 4 points per group of Way Points.
  • Press ALT+Del to remove placed Way Points. When you place a new starting point somewhere else, the existing Way Points will all disappear.
  • In Duo/Squad Mode, when a teammate places Way Points, they will appear on the map with a Radio Message. You can change the settings to not display the Way Point of certain teammates from the in-game Team Management menu.

Added an auto attachment feature

  • A new feature has been added that automatically equips your weapon with the attachments you pick up.
  • You can choose from 3 types of auto attachment options. You can activate/deactivate each of them from the ‘Settings – Gameplay’ tab.
    1. Auto equip when you pick up an attachment with F key
      1. When you pick up an attachment by pressing the interaction key (F), the attachment is automatically equipped to your weapon.
    2. Auto attach when you switch to new weapon
      1. When you switch your weapon with a new weapon on the ground, all the attachments equipped to the old weapon will automatically move to the new one.
      2. Only attachments compatible with the new weapon will be attached and the rest will go into your inventory.
    3. Auto equip when you pick up attachments with the inventory open
      1. When you get an attachment while the inventory is open, the attachment will automatically be equipped to your weapon.
      2. When you get an attachment for a slot that is already being used, the attachment will go into your inventory.

Adjusted swimming and diving balance

  • Swimming speed has increased by about 27%.
  • Diving speed has increased by about 20%.
  • Breath recovery speed has increased by about 10%. Now it takes 9 seconds for full recovery.
  • The maximum diving time has increased by about 33%. Now you can dive for about 20 seconds.

Improved weapon impact sounds

  • The sound effects for each type of object being shot have been improved.

Custom Match

Following the Zombie Mode presets available to PUBG Partners, new permissions have been given for additional Custom match freedom.

Added Round feature

  • War Mode / War Mode: Conquest are now available for round play, allowing for multiple match wins before game completion.
  • These matches consist of two rounds, best 2 out of 3, or best 3 out of 5 with a feature where players can play on different battlegrounds for each round or switch locations of both ends.
  • The ground re-spawn feature updated last patch is also available.

Added the Commander feature

  • In the previous version of Platoon Mode, players weren’t able to properly receive orders from their platoon leader easily through UI.
  • With this update, the player in the first slot of each platoon in the lobby will be assigned the role of platoon leader, whose location and ping will be shared with all platoon members.
    • This will enable the entire platoon to recognize moving/attack/defensive targets, allowing players to experience more strategic platoon combat.
  • Commander is able to help allies and interfere with the enemy through the various support requests available in the map UI.
    • Air strike request
      • Commander can spawn a Red Zone at a selected location.
    • Weapon package request
      • Commander can request care package at a designated location.
    • Healing package request
      • Commander can request healing items at a designated location.

Added Sandbox Mode

  • PUBG Partners can now create Sandbox Mode matches.
    • This mode provides convenient functions for PUBG Partners to easily experiment with PUBG content.
  • PUBG Partners can create Sandbox Mode matches in ‘Custom match > Create a match’.
  • Sandbox features
    • Invincibility
      • Only available for the match host (PUBG Partners)
    • Spawn items and vehicles
    • Control special features like flying and spawning Care Packages

Added special items exclusive items for custom matches

Added three new items that can be used through the Sandbox feature PUBG Partners have in Custom matches.

  • Helmet repair kit
    • Use it to restore the durability of your helmet by a certain amount.
  • Vest repair kit
    • Use it to restore the durability of your vest by a certain amount.
  • Blue Zone Uplink
    • Set your current location to be within the next safe zone.
    • If you are outside of the current safe zone, the next safe zone will be located as close to you as possible.

Added No HUD feature

  • When creating a general Custom match, creators can now control what UI their players see by changing setting in ‘Match Setting > Rule Tab > UI Option’.
  • Presets are provided for UI mode.
    • All On / All Off / Hardcore / Realistic / No Location Info / No Battle Royale Info / Manual
    • Individual UI setting is available in Manual.
      • Crosshair default /Map/ Player location / Player information / Teammate information / Displaying ID above the head of teammate / Blue zone ends in / Distance and notification text / Kill log / Number of survivors / Compass