The Settlers – Kingdoms of Anteria Announced For PC

Ubisoft has just announced the next installment of the ‘The Settlers’ series, called The Settlers – Kingdoms of Anteria. The Settlers – Kingdoms of Anteria will be developed by Blue Byte and aims to provide a completely new game experience by combining city building and real time strategy action.

Players will be able to build up a prosperous economy and lead their champion through dangerous adventures in order to create a wealthy, bustling and glorious kingdom.

Ubisoft has not mentioned whether this is a Free-To-Play title or a standard release. Here is hoping for the latter as The Settlers Online, Ubisoft’s F2P title based on this franchise, was disappointing (to say the least).

Ubisoft has also released the announcement trailer for this new The Settlers game that can be viewed below.


The Settlers - Kingdoms of Anteria: Announcement Trailer [UK]