The Red Solstice, squad-based sci-fi strategy/RPG hybrid, is available for free on Steam for the next 48 hours

Last month, Ironward gave away free copies of The Red Solstice on Humble Bundle. In case you missed that offer, you can – once again – claim a free copy of this squad-based sci-fi strategy/RPG hybrid as the team is giving away free copies on Steam for the next 48 hours.

The Red Solstice is described as a tactical 8 player co-op survival game set on Mars in the distant future. The game features hardcore survival and player interaction in dark science fiction setting.

The game features adrenaline filled and quick tactics focused gameplay, 8 different classes to chose from, an experience-based character development system, dark and gritty survival Sci-Fi story and setting, infinite waves of monsters during ~1 hour sessions and challenging Boss Fights.

Ironward is also working on the spiritual successor of The Red Solstice, Solstice Chronicles: Survivors. Solstice Chronicles: Survivors is a tactical top-down shooter for up to 6 players, in which players explore the infested Mars colony, fight the hordes of mutant creatures and contain the spreading Biomass.

Those interested can acquire their free copy of The Red Solstice by visiting the game’s Steam store page. Do note that this is not your typical free to play Steam offer. Once you acquire your copy, you’ll keep it forever.