Squad-based sci-fi strategy/RPG hybrid, The Red Solstice, is now available for free on Humble Bundle

Ironward and the Humble Bundle are currently offering The Red Solstice for free to all PC gamers. As with most Humble Bundle giveaways, this offer will end in 48 hours and players will be able to keep this game in their Steam inventory forever.

The Red Solstice is described as a tactical 8 player co-op survival game set on Mars in the distant future. The game features hardcore survival and player interaction in dark science fiction setting.

The game features adrenaline filled and quick tactics focused gameplay, 8 different classes to chose from, an experience-based character development system, dark and gritty survival Sci-Fi story and setting, infinite waves of monsters during ~1 hour sessions and challenging Boss Fights.

Those interested can acquire their free copy from here.

Have fun!

The Red Solstice - Features/Launch Trailer 1080p