Bloodborne header screenshot

The recent Bloodborne Remaster rumors are, once again, fake

A couple of days ago, a new rumor regarding Bloodborne Remaster surfaced online. However, this recent Bloodborne rumor is fake as it came from someone who was impersonating an industry insider.

Going into more details, someone impersonating industry insider “Im A Hero” shared details about numerous projects/games on the Discord server of Snitch. Among those games was, as you may have guessed, Bloodborne Remastered.

The first red flag regarding that rumor was the actual source. “Im A Hero” only knows stuff about Sega and Square Enix, and not about Sony. This was the main reason why we didn’t share that rumor. And it appears we did the right thing.

After that rumor appeared on various publications, “Im A Hero” decided to create an account on Reddit in order to set things straight. Reddit’s moderators were able to confirm his identity, so this is the real person and not another impersonator. Additionally, The Snitch Discord mods also confirmed that the one who shared the Bloodborne rumors was an impersonator.

So there you have it, everyone. No, Sony does not plan to release a remaster of Bloodborne in 2025.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen fake rumors about Bloodborne Remastered. In May 2023, people were claiming that Sony would showcase or announce Bloodborne Remaster/Remake at its State of Play. And… well… as we all know in hindsight, those claims were a pile of horsht. In March 2022, a set of screenshots were also supposedly leaked. And yes, those screenshots were also fake.

We know that there is a huge demand for a Bloodborne Remaster/Remake but from the looks of it, this won’t happen anytime soon. And since Bloodborne wasn’t present in the GeForce Now leaked list, we can safely say that the only way PC gamers will be able to play this game on PC will be via Playstation 4 emulators.

Stay tuned for more!