The Predator is coming to Grand Theft Auto 5 with most of its powers thanks to this mod

Talented modder ‘JulioNIB’ has released a new mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 that brings the Predator with most of its powers to it. While this is a WIP version, players can already download it and play as the ultimate hunter.

Now the bad news here is that this mod behind a Patreon-wall, meaning that you will have to become Patreons in order to download it. Basically, almost all of JulioNIB’s mods right now are behind a Patreon-wall so yeah, it kind of sucks for all those that were able to enjoy his mods for free all these past few years/months.

But anyway, in its current version this Predator mod for Grand Theft Auto V lets you toggle the classic cloak mode, use stab attacks with the hand blades, throw stabbed victims, use the shoulder cannon, as well as use the the Self Destruct mode.

Unfortunately, Predator’s disk is missing though the Spear is present. So here is hoping that JulioNIB will add it – alongside other weapons from all movies – in a future version.

Those interested can become Patreons and download the mod from here. Do note that you will need ScripthookVDotNet in order to run this mod. Furthermore, you can download the Predator skin from here and here.


GTA V Predator (2018) script mod - WIP