The Messenger is now available for free on the Epic Games Store, Bad North to be available next week

Epic Games has announced that The Messenger is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store. PC gamers can acquire their free copy from today and until November 21st. Next week, Epic Games will be giving away Bad North.

The Messenger is 2D action platformed that is heavily inspired by Ninja Gaiden from the NES. According to its description, the game starts as a classic action platformer that soon unravels into an expansive time-traveling adventure full of thrills, surprises, and humor.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Dynamic, acrobatic gameplay and ultra tight controls worthy of an epic ninja adventure.
  • Character upgrades, new abilities, hidden levels, and branching paths to discover.
  • Meticulously designed 8-bit and 16-bit sprites, animations, and backgrounds in the spirit of the classics.
  • A memorable cast of offbeat villains, bosses, and associates.
  • Original soundtrack by renowned chiptune composer Rainbowdragoneyes, handmade using Famitracker.

You can acquire your free copy for The Messenger from here.

Have fun!

The Messenger Gameplay Trailer