The Last Phoenix Is A Unique Aerial Melee Combat Game That Is On Steam Greenlight

Now this is a truly unique game. The Last Phoenix is an aerial melee combat game that is powered by the Unreal Engine. Players will take control of a majestic fire-bird an engage malicious Carrion-birds in vicious dogfights all the while restoring the world back to life. Color is restored to the environment, and vegetation regrows in real-time. Players are given an open-world island to explore while battling against enemies using dives, fierce slashes, intense grappling, and fiery blasts.
The Last Phoenix promises to feature Open World environment in which players can dynamically restore color to the world, and regrow vegetation. Players can dive, roll, and boost through tall structures and arches, as well as do battle against hordes of crows, brutish Carrion, and vile Cocoons.
Combat can consist of several different abilities: Dash attack turns the phoenix into a flaming spear that pierces through an enemy and stuns nearby foes. Grapple snatches an enemy out of the sky, and once caught, slash them with fierce talons, or throw them at the ground or even nearby enemies. After defeating a certain number of enemies, the phoenix can release a Blaze-Blast, a massive firestorm that incinerates enemies in a nearby radius.
This game is developed by EyeBeamGames and you can view some trailers of it below. The game is currently on Steam Greenlight and we highly recommend supporting it, especially if you are fans of games like Flower or ICO.
The Last Phoenix - Final Preview

The Last Phoenix - Intro Cinematic