The IndieGala Bundle Is Now Available; includes inMomentum, Zombie Shooter 2 and Hacker Evolution: Duality

Digital Arrow and White Rabbit Interactive  announced today that inMomentum will be for the first time available on Indie Gala in a “pay-what-you-want”-Indie Bundle. The Bundle includes a total of five great indie titles and two more games as a bonus for a quick decision. This bundle will be available for 15 days and ends on the 20th of December 2011.
Anton Seicarescu, General Manager of White Rabbit Interactive said:
“After our very successful first release on Steam on 31st of October 2011 we are very proud to be now presented in Indie Gala’s first bundle.”
The principle of Indie Gala is as simple as brilliant. As Norbert Varga, Development Director of Digital Arrow, described:
“Customers can decide not only the option itself, which sum is the Indie Bundle worth to them , but also whether the amount paid shall be forwarded in full or split to the developers, donation recipients and / or Indie Gala. Our efforts to make the game available to more people is clearly reflected within this bundle, and it’s just an amazing feeling to support children through charities with our game.”
All games in the IndieGala Bundle are made available in form of game codes whic are redeemable at the Steam digital store. The games are Windows only.
Included in the very first IndieGala bundle are the following awesome indie games:
Zombie Shooter 2, by Sigma Team
inMomentum, by Digital Arrow.
Hacker Evolution: Duality, by exosyphen studios
Your Doodles Are Bugged!, by Spyn Doctor Games.
Saira, by Nifflas.
Plus, included as bonuses exclusively during the first two days of the gala:
Bonus game: Zombie Shooter 1, by Sigma Team.
Bonus game: Hacker Evolution: Untold, by exosyphen studios.
Your Doodles Are Bugged! Bonus Doodles. An exclusive DLC which contains five bonus doodles.
Zombie Shooter Main Theme. The official theme of the Zombie Shooter series.