The End Is Nigh – Resident Evil 6 features a health regeneration system

Okay, we can officially kiss Resident Evil 6 goodbye. Well, that only goes to all old-school Resident Evil fans as they will be utterly disappointed by Capcom’s decision to use a regenerating health system. Yeap, you read that right. A health regeneration system in a horror game. Yeah, Resident Evil 6 is not as horror centric as its predecessors but still, this is the first time we’ve seen such a health system in a Resident Evil game.
This health regeneration system was revealed via the game’s X360 demo – that was released a couple of hours ago – and we are shocked that it has not been brought to everyone’s attention this whole time. So, how does it work? Player has a number of boxes for health. Each and every hit, ‘damages’ those boxes, meaning that the player will either have to be careful or find a corner to regenerate the box. If a box gets completely damaged, the player will have to use a herb in order to reclaim it.
It’s the similar health regeneration system we’ve seen in – pretty much – every other third person action shooter. This also proves that Capcom is willing to say bye bye to the game’s roots. Of course the PR team will rush in and claim that the title retains its horror elements. That’s their job after all. However, this health regeneration system shows what’s the game’s main focus actually is.