The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim won’t be 3D-Ready out of the box; More hints at upgraded GameBryo engine

Skyrim is coming out in a few days and we bet that some PC gamers would love to enjoy it in 3D awesomeness. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to as Nvidia’s Andrew revealed that the company has tested Bethesda’s upcoming baby and found out some issues with it when 3D Vision was enabled. To be more accurate, Skyrim suffers from the same problems that were present in Oblivion.
Now hold that thought for a second. Skyrim has the same 3D issues with Oblivion and we do know that Oblivion used the Gamebryo engine. So how come the game doesn’t have any new 3D issues, especially when Bethesda was claiming that Skyrim is built on a brand new game engine? A new game engine would mean more or less 3D issues, not exactly the same ones. So yes, this is another hint that Skyrim uses an upgraded Gamebryo engine and not an entirely new one.
To be more accurate, Skyrim (and Oblivion) suffers from Crosshairs being rendered in 2d – though this is not a huge deal since you can use Nvidia’s 3d crosshair instead and disable Skyrim’s, stars at night being rendered in 2D and not 3D, as well as some minor water issues with the game’s reflections.
Nvidia will most probably release a new driver this week, which will contain a proper 3D profile and will sort out those issues the aforementioned issues.