Star Trek Online Goes Free-To-Play On January 17

Great news for MMO fans as Cryptic has set a launch date for Star Trek Online to become Free-to-Play (F2P), and that date is Tuesday January 17, 2012. In addition, Cryptic will be starting the Gold member stipend benefit on December 1st.  This benefit grants 400 free Cryptic Points each month to each subscriber to STO.
The stipend is granted on the “anniversary day” for the players’ account.  This is the day in the month which corresponds to when their account was first activated for Star Trek Online.  This means that players won’t necessarily get their stipend right at the beginning of the month, but it will be coming for them at the appropriate time during December and each following month.  Stipend points from STO can only be spent in STO.
Furthermore, Cryptic will be bringing the new build from Tribble to Holodeck somewhere in the range of December 1 to December 8.
Testing with the new game changes has been going really well on the Tribble server.  The development team has been pleased with the results and feedback, and they think that they only have a few more weeks of iteration and testing before the game changes will be ready for the mainstream players.
So, get ready everyone as Star Trek Online F2P is coming your way!