The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Enhanced Shaders Mod Released

Last week we informed you about both FXAA Injector and ENBSeries mods for Skyrim. However, FXAA Injector introduces a sharpening filter that might annoy some of you and although it is customisable, a lot of gamers won’t be bothered with its settings. On the other hand, ENBSeries needs tweaking in order to find the ‘sweet’ spot. So, what about those that can’t be bothered with tweaking the aforementioned mods? Well then, here comes Tapioks’ Enhanced Shaders Mod to fill that gap. Be sure to check the comparison shots bellow to get an idea of what this mod is capable of.
Enhanced Shaders Mod adds a number of sophisticated customizable visual effects to your game using ENBseries technology.  This collection of files and settings has been carefully crafted and configured, including several custom palette texture files and customized effect.txt files, all in the interest of making it easy to get great looking results. Tapioks has also included a ‘test’ configuration for compatibility with the popular FXAA Post Process Injector mod, though players may or may not feel the need to use both at the same time.
Those interested can download this mod from here.
Emjoy the following comparison shots!