The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dawnguard Achievements Spotted On Steam [UPDATE]

Great news for Skyrim fans as Dawnguard’s achievements have been spotted on Skyrim’s Steam page. According to the detail section of Skyrim’s page, there are currently ten more Achievements, although they are currently unobtainable. Could this mean that Dawnguard is on its way to the PC version of Skyrim? Let’s not forget that Bethesda’s Pete Hines tweeted – a couple of days ago – that the company will unveil more details about the PC and PS3 versions of Dawnguard in the coming days.
Skyrim: Dawnguard features new monsters and items, three new blessings, four new dragon shouts (only three of which are player-accessible), and nine new spells, over 80 new NPCs, 24 new places , as well as 39 quests. In addition, players can become a Vampire Lord in this new DLC. Last but not least, Dawnguard adds a new Perk tree for Werewolves too.
Enjoy Dawnguard’s trailer and stay tuned for more!
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dawnguard - Official Trailer

Bethesda’s Pete Hines has just revealed at QuakeCon that Dawnguard is available for the PC version of Skyrim. Enjoy everyone!