The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – Morrowind Rebirth 2.2 Overhaul Released

Morrowind Rebirth
Modder ‘trancemaster_1988’ has released a new version of his Morrowind Rebirth mod for Bethesda’s classic RPG. Morrowind Rebirth is anĀ overhaul with which players can find new enemies to fight, exciting areas to explore, gain access to new weapons to slay their foes or just roam the huge world that’s out there.
This new version of Morrowind Rebirth comes with lots of fixes, though – as the modder suggests – the main feature of 2.2 is the balance pass on weapons.
Those interested can download the mod from here.
And here is the complete changelog for this latest version of Morrowind Rebirth.
Morrowind Rebirth 2.2 Changelog:
Rebirth Fixes
* Rebalanced the lengths’ (again) of the spears. The reach of the spears should differ depending on the length of the spear (in-game mesh size), something which I didn’t take into account the last time.
* Dren Plantation fixes. A tree were floating, an overhang were clipping through the wall and a lamp pole and its lantern hung in mid air.
* Golam Urellas’s and Fairne’s shacks’ had the wrong script attached to the doors, making it impossible to enter either of them.
* The door Chun-Ook (The big ship in Ebonheart) had the wrong teleport marker (took you to the Ashlands).
* Changed “Jhamondile Dremon’s home” to “Jhamondile Dremon’s House”, also fixed some floaters inside.
* Somehow I managed to remove the travel-markers for the Slave Market in Suran, all fixed now.
* Moved the travel-marker outside Vivec, it displayed “Ascadian Isles” instead of “Vivec”.
* “Scourge”, a Daedric Battle Axe were restored. Enchantment/Model was missing.
* Llaala Girendal & Rleno Medan, Ald-ruhn Temple had no assigned head meshes.
* Jhamondile Dremon, a imperial In Caldera were incorrectly set as a trader.
* Fixed a typo which made it super-expensive to use the MG travel-service.
* Several fixes and improvements to the Imperial Legion Barracks, Caldera.
* The Black Goblet in Suran had the wrong script attached to the doors.
* Reduced the cost for elemental shields (nerf from previous change).
* Tarvyn Faren, a dumner at Vivec Entrance had duplicate records.
* Corrected a missplaced door on top of Lighthouse in Ebonheart.
* Removed Skooma bottles and Nordic Mead from Shenk’s Shovel.
* Silver Katana was changed from Two-Handed to One-Handed.
* Fixed the ground at the entrance of the “Eight Plates”.
* Added ownership to all lanterns in Caldera/Pelagiad.
* Dwemer weapons are no longer refered as “Dwarven”.
* Removed some script fixes (not needed due to MPP).
* Fixed a typo in “Drunk Dumner”, to “Drunk Dunmer”.
* “Templar Shield” to “Imperial Templar Shield”.
* Fixed a floating doorframe in Shenk’s Shovel.
* Anti-cloned the Buoyant Armigers’, Ghostgate.
* Removed 2 missplaced doors, Ald-ruhn Temple.
Rebirth Additions
* A major overhaul for Ebonheart. The inner courtyard have been redesign along with better visuals for the main plaza.
* Better sorting for some misc items. Example: Wooden items have “Wooden” prefix, “Wooden Bowl”, Silverware items have “Silverware” prefix, “Silverware Knife” etc.
* A minor overhaul for Balmora. Removed a massive amount of rocks around Balmora to make it more fps friendly.
* A minor overhaul for Seyda Neen. Mainly landscape improvements.
* Anti-cloned Imperial Guards (most of them anyway).
* Better name-prefixes for potions.
Vanilla Fixes
* Imperial Guards and Captains were refered as “Guard” and “Guard Captain”. Corrected to Imperial Guard/Guard Captain.
* One centurion spider used the wrong blood texture – “Red”, instead of “Gold”. Also removed its soul value.
* Adjusted a travel-marker in Murberius Harmevus’s House that sometimes leave the player stuck.
* “Draugr” and “draugr_co_3” didnt have the proper spells and immunities.
* Left/Right Glass Bracer changed to Glass Left/Right Bracer.
* Two potions of Paralyze were incorrectly named “Night Eye”.
* Madres Navur in Pelagiad had no AI-package.
* “Bound_Helmet” changed to “Bound Helmet”.
* Removed “Resist Frost” from all guards.
* Junal-Lei in Pelagiad had no AI-package.
* Angoril in Pelagiad had no AI-package.
* Skeleton Archers now drop Bonemeal.
* Fixed several floaters/seams.
* Guild chests have less potions (cheap ones removed). Also removed the arrows/bolts from the Fighter Guild’s Supply Cheast, replaced them with something more apporopriate.
* Some artifacts have been nerfed others buffed. The values will now be in proportion to how powerful the artifact is. Obviously still a work in progress.
* A major damage overhaul for all weapons. They should now have proper damage based on real world counterparts (slash/chop/thrust).
* Some skills are now a bit harder to raise
– Athletics: In vanilla MW you level up too fast just running around. Not a huge tweak but at least enough to make it balanced.
– Long Blade, Short Blade, Blunt, Spear & Marksman: A slight nerf in progression rate.
* Raised the value for Guar, Alit, Kagouti, Netch skin/leather.
* Reduced the value and AR for Dark Brotherhood Armor.
* Some small adjustments to spells.
* Reduced the cost for enchanting.
* New Signs for “The Silver Barrel” and “Black Goblet”.
* New forge for Imperial Forts.