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The Crew Will Support 5760*1080 Resolutions On PC, Targets 30FPS, Hard-Lock Via XML At 60FPS

The second closed beta phase of The Crew is currently under way and some new information about the PC version of the game has surfaced. According to Ubisoft, the development team targets a 1080p+30fps experience on all platforms (PC, Xbox One and PS4), though the PC will also support 5760*1080 for triple screen set-ups.

What’s really disappointing, however, is that the game is initially locked at 30fps and there is no in-game option to unlock the framerate. As Ubisoft noted, PC gamers will be able to increase the framerate to 60fps but there won’t be support for higher framerates (so say goodbye to 120fps and 144fps).

In order to increase the framerate lock to 60fps, PC gamers will have to edit the ‘PCScalability.xml’ file that is located inside┬áthe ‘C:\Users\\Documents\The Crew’ folder. Just search for the framerate option and change it from 30 to 60. Changing that option to anything higher than that will not work as that option will reset itself to 60.

Obviously, a lot of PC gamers are disappointed by this, especially after Ubisoft claiming that it will further optimize, enhance and support the PC versions of its titles.

The Crew is currently planned for a November 11th release.