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The Crew – Second Closed Beta Dated

Ubisoft has revealed that the second closed beta for its upcoming open-world MMO racer, The Crew, will be launched on August 25th. According to the French company, this time there won’t be any NDA (meaning that players will be able to share their opinions about it, as well as videos and screenshots from it).

As Ubisoft noted, due to the high demand for beta keys they won’t be able to guarantee access for everyone, even if they’ve registered with them via UPLAY. Still, we strongly suggest signing up for a key by visiting the game’s Closed Beta page here.

Here is everything you need to know about this second phase:

-Players will be granted guaranteed Day One beta access if they pre-purchase The Crew before August 25th at any one of our participating retail partners.
-Players who had accessed the game or simply redeemed their key on Uplay PC, during the first Closed Beta, will automatically have access to this second Closed Beta.
-All keys sent for the first Closed Beta that haven’t been redeemed on Uplay PC, and thus never activated, will not give access to the second Closed Beta.
-All content (XP, Levels, money, parts) earned during the first Closed Beta will be wiped for the second one.
-There will be no NDA for this second Closed Beta.
-The Closed Beta will end on Friday, August 29th.