The creators of Carmageddon are working on a new IP, will focus on vehicular action and mayhem

Green Man Gaming Publishing has announced that it is partnering with Stainless Games to bring a brand new IP to PC in 2019. Although we don’t have enough information about this game, we do know that this unannounced project will focus on vehicular action and mayhem.

Patrick Buckland, Chairman & Co-founder of Stainless Games, said:

“With over 30 games to our credit and 25 years in the business, Stainless knows a thing or two about picking a publisher, and that’s why we know we’ve got the perfect partner in Green Man Gaming to bring our new IP to market. We can’t wait to unveil the new project; it really gets back to the DNA of the studio and is very much a Stainless game – action packed, exciting and sure to blow people away.”

David Clark, Managing Director at Green Man Gaming Publishing, added:

“Since the beginning, Green Man Gaming Publishing’s aim has always been to work with the best and brightest developers around whether they are innovative smaller teams new to the industry or long time, industry stalwarts. With Stainless Games we have the perfect combination of the two – a studio with 25 years heritage who are still at the leading edge of games design and programming. I first had the pleasure of working with the Stainless team back in 1998 on the launch of Carmageddon II; Carpocalypse Now, so I couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with them again on the launch of their next big project. This partnership represents the first step in an incredibly aggressive year that will see us publishing highly ambitious games across multiple platforms.”

More information regarding this new game IP will be released over coming weeks!