The classic Doom is being faithfully recreated in the original Unreal, demo available for download

Modder ‘OfficerD82’ is currently recreating the classic Doom game in the first Unreal game, and has released a demo for this remake. This remake will be as close to the original game as possible. However, it will allow players to use weapons from Unreal.

As the modder noted, this demo features a total of 4 maps and the intro. The final version will be similar to the shareware version of Doom which was distributed for free (basically it will include the entire first episode of the game).

Those interested can download the mod from here. Do note that you will need Unreal Gold in order to play it.

Now I’m pretty sure that some will wonder why OfficerD82 released such a mod and recreated (or should we say ported) Doom’s levels without adding any new graphics effects in Unreal. And why are we sharing such a thing? Well, the answer is simple; because we find it cool. That’s why we also shared yesterday the mashup between Blood and Doom. And we want more of these mashups.

This mod also reminded me of Brutal Unreal 99. Brutal Unreal 99 combines the Unreal Tournament 99 weapons ripped by the user Voltlock  and the enemies of Brutal Doom Monsters, and you can download it from here. Also, and contrary to Unreal Doom, Brutal Unreal 99 is standalone and is compatible with GzDoom, ZDoom and Zandronum.


Unreal vs Doom - Release Demo - Trailer