Resident Evil PSX

The classic 1997 Resident Evil is available on GOG, RE2 and RE3 coming later this year

Capcom re-released yesterday the original and classic 1997 version of Resident Evil on the PC via GOG. Thanks to this re-release, PC gamers will, once again, experience the classic 32-bit version of this iconic horror game.

As with all GOG releases, this is also DRM-free. Moreover, it will work with all modern PC systems that use Windows 10 and Windows 11.

And that’s not all. This re-release comes with an improved DirectX game renderer. PC players will find some new rendering options, such as Windowed Mode, Integer Scaling, Anti-Aliasing and more.

Capcom has also improved the timing of the cutscenes, the game video player, and the game registry settings. Oh, and there is full support for modern controllers with optimal button binding regardless of the hardware and wireless mode.

Finally, Capcom plans to release the other two classic RE games, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis later this year.

Since these classics weren’t available on Steam, it’s good to see them appear on GOG. So, kudos to Capcom for re-releasing them, and making them compatible with modern PCs.

Finally, this re-release should be compatible with the Resident Evil Seamless HD Project. Resident Evil Seamless HD Project is a must-have mod for all three classic RE games. It upscales backgrounds with vectorized masks, restores integrated images and texts, and upscales all of the game’s 3D models. Moreover, it brings better in-game screens, improves numerous visual effects, and upscales all menu elements and HQ portraits.

Stay tuned for more!

Resident Evil - Seamless HD Project - Official Release Trailer